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Vesperix Corporation is a small business dedicated to innovative research and development for government and corporate customers. Our research focuses on novel methods for communication, sensing, and navigation.

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September 2021:

Vesperix has developed a new microwave software defined radio. The VXSDR-20 covers the 5 - 20 GHz frequency range, with transmit and receive at 160 million samples per second, and a 10 gigabit Ethernet interface. More information on the VXSDR-20 is available at our software defined radio site

January 2021:

Vesperix is a member of the Leidos team for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's AtmoSense program, which examines ways to use the atmosphere and ionosphere as a sensor for detecting events such as earthquakes, large meteors, and severe weather. Under this program, Vesperix will deploy multiband RF receiver stations covering the LF, MF, and HF bands to observe the propagation of acoustic and gravity waves through the D, E, and F regions of the ionosphere.

April 2018:

Vesperix has been granted a patent for a novel class of ranging waveforms which combine high accuracy with low bandwidth requirements. Developed under an Army Phase II SBIR, these waveforms can provide similar accuracy to the GPS L1 C/A code while requiring less than 5 percent of the spectrum used by the GPS waveform. (US Patent 9,945,926, Method of Designing Bandwidth Efficient Ranging Waveforms)

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