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Vesperix Corporation is a small business dedicated to innovative research and development for government and corporate customers. Our research focuses on novel methods for communication, sensing, and navigation.


April 2018:

Vesperix has been granted a patent for a novel class of ranging waveforms which combine high accuracy with low bandwidth requirements. Developed under an Army Phase II SBIR, these waveforms can provide similar accuracy to the GPS L1 C/A code while requiring less than 5 percent of the spectrum used by the GPS waveform. (US Patent 9,945,926, Method of Designing Bandwidth Efficient Ranging Waveforms)

December 2017:

Vesperix has been selected for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's ITA3 program. This program, under DARPA's Defense Science Office, examines the limits to resolution of low frequency imaging methods and the application of these methods, long used for mineral exploration, to new situations. The Vesperix team also includes LLC, of San Diego, CA, and Prof. Michael Zhdanov of the University of Utah.

August 2017:

Vesperix has been selected for the DARPA AMEBA program. AMEBA, managed by DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office, develops sources for ELF and VLF signals which are much more compact and efficient than the current state of the art. Our team also includes the University of Maryland and Towson University.

March 2016:

Vesperix has been selected for a direct-to-Phase II SBIR effort in GPS-denied navigation by the Air Force Research Laboratory. With our teammate Leidos, we are developing a compact system to allow users to navigate accurately whe GPS signals are unavailable due to jamming, interference, or blockage.

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